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PostHeaderIcon ARI International DX Contest 2012

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ARI International DX Contest 2012
DX Results

Dear Contesters,
it is a great pleasure to present you the DX Results of the ARI International DX Contest
, 2012 edition.

In the following pages you will find the overall results by Contest Categories and then, the same results, by Country and Categories. In this way it will be easy to see what was your result against the rest of the world or within your own country.

We introduced some Rules changes for this edition, when the START and END time were moved from an historical, and unusual, 2000Z to a more usual 1200Z. Then we also shortened the Deadline for sending in the logs after the contest to 15 days. Both these changes, that potentially could interfere with the normal running of the contest, in fact have been very well accepted by participants and didn’t created any problems.

So we want to thank all of you for this!

We received a total of1224 electronic logs, from 87 countries (874 DX and 350 Italians). The number of the received logs has significantly increased from the past edition, going up by a +17% from last year 1044. As you can see in the two pictures showing the totals and the detail of the last 3 years. Also the SWL logs have increased with a total of 20 logs against the last year total of 14.

Despite the disturbed propagation conditions that ruined the low bands, the participation seems to have been higher then the past edition and this is clearly reflected in the number of received logs. It is worth remembering that since 2011 edition we only accept electronic Cabrillo Logs, which have been received by the robot at

I would like to renew my gratitude to WWROF (World Wide Radio Operators Foundation), and in particular to Dave, KM3T, for their effort spent in order to keep the robot up and running and up-to-date with ARI-DX rules: everyone was able to send their logs with ease and confidence.

Now let’s have a look at the results. This year all the categories have been won by different country participants but SWL and SO-SSB won by Bulgarian stations.


The Multi-Operator category has been won by RN3F with a great number of multipliers, while HD2A took the second place. In the Single-Operator CW, Ruslan, UW5Q (UR3QCW), is the winner with over 2 Million points, a result which is just a bit short of the world record. Great performance Ruslan, taking into account that all the first 4 stations made over 1000 QSOs.

A new World Record has been set by Sergey Rebrov, UT5UDX, operating TA2ZF, from Asiatic Turkey, in the Single-Operator MIXED mode category. With more than 3.5 Million points he just finished ahead of Rimas LY6A, who also finished over the old world record. Thank you for great competition guys!

Single-Operator SSB winner is Ruggero, IK2PZC, operating from LZ9W big station who took first place with more than 2.3 Million points. Single-Operator RTTY category shows Nick UW8I, (UT2IZ), in the first place. Nick already won this category many times in the past. The SWL category has got 6 participants and the winner is Stanislav, LZ1G42. Congratulations!

At the end of the result’s tables you can read what the participants wrote in their SOAPBOX: DX QRM!!

That’s all for the 2012.
Now that the 2012 edition is history it’s worth to remember that the next ARI International DX Contest will be held on May 4/5, 2013

Rules for next edition will remain almost the same, with a possible further reduction in the time to submit logs to just 5 days. Rules will be published in due time on the ARI web site.
Currently we are working on opening all the submitted LOGs to the public. Public logs for the 2012 edition will be available from the ARI web site in a short time.

Thank you for supporting the ARI International DX Contest. See you next year!


Roberto (Bob) Soro, I2WIJ
A.R.I. HF Contest Manager

Read the results in PDF...