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PostHeaderIcon ARI CLUBs (Sezioni) Award 50 MHz - VHF - UHF - SHF

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The award can be requested by all the OM'S and SWL who are member of A.R.I. or a Radio Society which is member of I.A.R.U., and can demonstrate to have had QSOs with stations affiliated with ARI.

We consider valid all QSOs after January the 1st 1997.

There is only Fixed category in each way (SSB, CW, Mix, or Sat) There are not valid QSO via repeater or transponder earth based.


To achieve the award you have to QSO with:


50 MHz 40 differents Clubs (Sezioni)

144 MHz 50 differents Clubs (Sezioni)

432 MHz 30 differents Clubs (Sezioni)

1296 MHz 10 differents Clubs (Sezioni)

2304 MHz& Up 5 differents Clubs (Sezioni)


150 differents Clubs (Sezioni)

With the request, you must send:

1) a detailed list of QSO'S with: call, date, time (UTC), frequency, mode of emission, reports exchanged and CLUB of the station worked. This list must be signed by your national VHF-Manager or two others OM;

2) A copy of a document which can prove that you are member of a Radio Society which is affiliated to I.A.R.U.;

3) fotocopy of QSLs (if you send your log signed as above, these are not required, this rule is valid only for non-I stations);

4) send 10 Euro to cover pack and postage for the award.

For any endorsement request you must apply as for paragraph 1 and 3 of these rules. Send all award requests to:

ARI VHF Award Manager

IØJXX Sandro Marziali


I0JXX Sandro Marziali – Via Renzo da Ceri 157 - 00157 Roma - ITALY


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