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PostHeaderIcon WRTC 2022 Postponed

WRTC 2022 Postponed

At the WRTC 2022 Association Assembly on 23 April 2021, having previously consulted the WRTC Sanctioning Committee, the assembly and Organizing Committee decided to postpone WRTC 2022 one year to 2023. There have been no changes in the qualification process or to the overall structure of the event and its sponsoring committee. A detailed report on the qualification standings will be prepared and released at a later date.

In consideration of the worldwide public health challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe our decision is reasonable. We have received many communications from competitors and friends of WRTC and have taken them very seriously.

There will be further announcements regarding WRTC as soon as new arrangements have been made.
Thank you for your understanding and commitments in support of our adventure!

73 de Carlo IK1HJS
President, WRTC 2022
Organizing Committe

Source: WRTC2022


PostHeaderIcon 30 Years of Independence Award

Slovenian Amateur Radio Union will celebrate the country's 30 years of Independence by issuing a special award. It will be eligible to all amateur radio enthusiasts all over the World.

For this event only, starting June 26, 00:00 UTC and until December 31 2021, 23:59 UTC, the Slovenian amateur radio stations can use special call signs. Those will add the number »30« into the suffix. For example: S50ZZ will be S5030ZZ, S51A will be S5130A, S57XXX will be S5730XXX etc.

In order to obtain the award a foreign amateur radio station must have at least 30 contacts with a S5 stations (regular and special call signs apply), out of which 10 or more with special prefixes (»30«). The use of any band/mode counts for the award.

Send the log - list of contacts (date, time, call, band and mode) to the following e-mail address:  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. . The same email also applies for any possible questions.

The award will be issued in electronic form and will be downloadable as a PDF file from the website of Slovenia Contest Club.

Source: Slovenia Contest Club


PostHeaderIcon Venezia 1600 Award

Venezia 1600 Award

On the occasion of the 1600th anniversary of the founding of the city of Venice (on March 25th of the year 421 AD !) and of the 75th anniversary of the constitution of ARI Venezia (November 1946)

ARI VENEZIA is pleased to introduce a commemorative award for OM and SWL from all over the world with the following rules:

To obtain the award OM and SWL need, till November 30 2021, to make QSO or SWL reports with the special callsign II3VE and/or with the callsign of the Venice ARI branch IQ3VE on all legal amateur bands at least on 2 different modes or bands and on different days.

Score QSO number requested:

  • Italian stations: 10 QSO
  • European stations: 6 QSO
  • Extraeuropean stations: 2 QSO

Contacts on FM and through land repeaters are not valid.

On April 25th, St. Mark feast day patron of Venice, II3VE will be on the air via satellite QO-100 and the relative contacts will be valid as 2 QSO

  • II3VE will be also valid for SASC W1600VE from March 20 to 27
  • IQ3VE will be also valid for SASC W75VE from November 1 to 15

Once you reach the score requested you can send your application to the following email: ari.venezia(at)

Upon verification from our award manager the VENEZIA 1600 AWARD will be issued as a PDF file via email.

Fonte: ARI Venezia


PostHeaderIcon New 2380km record on 2.4 GHz between Australia and New Zealand

New 2380km record on 2.4 GHz between Australia and New Zealand

The Tasman Sea is an area where there are regular tropospheric ducting openings between Australia and New Zealand. On the 13th of December 2020, Hayden VK7HH and Richard VK7ZBX portable on an elevated location in Tasmania made successful SSB contacts with Nick ZL1IU in New Zealand on 144 MHz, 432 MHz and 1296 MHz.

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PostHeaderIcon The Asheville Radio Museum

The Asheville Radio Museum

Aperto al pubblico nel 2001 da un piccolo gruppo di radioamatori, da collezione diviene museo didattico, dove persone di tutte le età possono conoscere la storia della tecnologia radio e stupirsi delle apparecchiature e di come si sono evolute.

Sono state raccolte e conservate apparecchiature radio, pubblicità e altri cimeli, in un museo orientato all'istruzione, con display pratici e una stazione radioamatoriale funzionante.

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