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PostHeaderIcon C.D.M. - Certificato del Mediterraneo

Manager: Luciano Lucini, IK2QPO


New Mediterranean Certificate is issued to OM, YL and SWL that can prove to have worked/listened on any HAM bands, starting from May 1st, 1945 one station in at least 24 entities out of following 32 ones:

3A – Monaco
3V – Tunisia
4O – Montenegro
4X – Israel
5A – Libya
5B – Cyprus
7X – Algeria
9A – Croatia
9H – Malta
CN – Morocco
E4 - Palestina
E7 – Bosnia & Herz.
EA – Spain
EA6 – Balearic Is.
EA9 - Ceuta & Melilla
F – France
I – Italy
IS0 – Sardinia
IT9 – Sicily
OD – Lebanon
S5 – Slovenia
SU – Egypt
SV – Greece
SV5 – Dodecanese
SV9 – Crete
SY - Mount Athos
TA – Turkey
TK – Corsica
YK – Syria
ZA – Albania
ZB – Gibraltar
ZC4 – British Bases in Cyprus

The Award has different endorsements for CW, Phone, Mixed and Digimodes. Please send the applications to the Manager: Luciano Lucini IK2QPO, Via Botticelli 30, I-20133 Milano, with 5€, or 8 IRC or 8 US$.

The Award is issued also in PDF format: in this case the Award is free. For PDF Awards pse send the application to: ik2qpo(at) or luciano.lucini(at)

Applications must contain all QSO data, sorted by Entity. The sending of the QSL cards is not required but they must be in possession of the applicant and the Manager can request some of them for checks anytime.

N.B for QSO before 1991 the entità Yugoslavia replaces: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovin; for QSO before 2006 Yugoslavia replaces Montenegro.


Download here application form