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PostHeaderIcon Mediterranean Certificate (C.D.M.) 50 MHz

A.R.I. (The Italian Amateur Radio Association) sponsor, starting from January the 1st 1993, the "C.D.M." award.

The C.D.M. award is given to the operators of Amateur Radio Station who can prove to be associated to I.A.R.U and that have made 2 ways contacts/HRD on CW, SSB or Mixed (SSB and CW) with other stations in countries/Italian provinces that are in the award list. For the "mixed" category a combination of 20 Italian provinces and 10 DXCC countries of the lists below.

Following is the list of the Italian provinces that are valid for the award:

Following is the list of the countries that are valid for the award:

The C.D.M. award will be delivered to every OM/SWL who will send to the Award Manager:

1) A signed and dated letter with which the sender shows that all the national rules about operating a station have been accomplished.

2) Another separate list with all the claimed QSOs. It must contain date, time, mode of emission, frequency, callsign of each of the worked station.

3) Copy of the Radioamateur Licence

4) There is no need to send QSL cards, it's enough that the list of QSOs is certified by the national VHF manager or two others licensed radioamateurs. The award manager may, in any case, ask for the original QSLs.

5) The award fee is 10,00 €, it includes package and postage.

For more info don't hesitate to e-mail or send a message to the addresses below.

ARI VHF Award Manager
Sandro Marziali IØJXX
I0JXX Sandro Marziali – Via Renzo da Ceri 157 - 00157 Roma - ITALY

Available here in PDF

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