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PostHeaderIcon Un ospite di riguardo al CITS

Riceviamo da Miroslav Skoric, YT7MPB e pubblichiamo nella versione originale:

As an "IEEE" Senior Member and experienced amateur radio promoter, I was invited to deliver a tutorial lecture with CITS 2023 in Genoa, Italy. My talk took some 1.5 hours and was performed at the end of the first conference day. I made a small ad-hoc display of the ham radio gear I had there, including the HF antenna Alpha MIL 2.0:

Among the audience was the conference chair, Prof. Franco Davoli (first from left in the photo), who had used ham radio topics for his early-career research work. (We were pictured with two Italian hams who had co-authored those research papers.)

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PostHeaderIcon Worldwide Ham Radio Operators (2000-2022)

Amateur Radio Operator numbers worldwide from data 2000 to 2022. This data has been collected from multiple data sources. Some records only go up to 2018, so data to 2022 has been filled in with growth trend data. The last known collection of total hams worldwide was taken by the IARU in 2000.

Source: Ham Radio DX


PostHeaderIcon Ukraine: IARU-R1 statement

Ukraine: IARU-R1 statement

“Any radio amateur currently transmitting from Ukraine is risking his or her life. If you hear a Ukrainian station, do not broadcast its callsign, location or frequency — whether on the band, in a cluster or on social media. You may be putting lives at risk.”

Source: IARU R1


PostHeaderIcon ISS to crash into Pacific as early as 2031

ISS to crash into Pacific as early as 2031

NASA’s plans for the end of ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) can’t continue forever. Its lifetime is limited by primary structures – modules, radiators and trusses – that can’t be repaired or replaced. On January 31, 2022, NASA announced that the Biden-Harris administration had extended the space station’s operations until 2030. So as early as 2031, the space station could be guided to a fiery demise, as it de-orbits through Earth’s atmosphere. The goal would be to place it in the Pacific Ocean near what’s called Point Nemo, the point in Earth’s oceans farthest from land. That scenario is part of a report released by NASA in January 2022

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PostHeaderIcon CW QSO Simulator per iPhone and Android

CW QSO Simulator for iPhone and Android

This app is a real CW QSO simulator for ham radio operators. Supports “599BK style QSO”.
In order to reproduce a realistic QSO environment, the generated call sign, signal level, CW speed, etc. will differ for each QSO.
Furthermore, the call sign and CW speed of your own station that issues CQ can be set arbitrarily.

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