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PostHeaderIcon ARI International DX Contest 2018

ARI International DX Contest 2018
DX Results

Dear Contesters,

it is a great pleasure to present you the DX Results of the ARI International DX Contest 2018.

The condition on the band were very bad this year, the only usable bands for DX QSOs were 20m and 40m. Overall, the log received this year are 1136, decreasing of about 14% respect to last year. DX logs were 884 (minus 14% respect to last year), while the Italian ones were 284 (minus 9% respect to last year).

As last year, the SWL log received were 14, divided exactly in 7 logs from DX site and 7 Italians.

The “ARI International DX Contest” contest could not be the same without the participation of the DX station, so thanks to all for participating!

In the following pages you will find the overall results by Contest Categories and then, the same results, by Country and Categories to make it easier to see what your result has been against the rest of the world or within your own country.

Now let’s have a look at the results.

In the Multi-Operator Single TX category UZ2I (op: UT2II US1ITU US2IR UY2IF) take the win, 9A7T (op: 9A2EU 9A5MR) confirms the last year second place and LZ9W (op: LZ1AA LZ1WDX LZ1VS LZ1MUK) on the third one. In the Multi-Operator Multi TX category ES9C (op: ES1OZZ ES1DRA ES1RAU) wins setting the new record for this category.

In the Single-Operator CW HP category Plamen LZ8R wins; while Alex EV5A (op: EW2A) and Yuri EW8DX finish respectively on second and third place. In the SO CW LP the first place goes to Silviu YO4NF¸ Foldi HA2NL finish in the second one and Tomas LY2AJ takes the third position.

In the Single-Operator Mixed HP category Sergey P3X (op: 5B4AMM) take the first position; the second place goes to Alex UR7GO (he finished first last year) and Jo UT4U finishs third. In the SO MIX LP, Todor LZ1ND wins the first place, while Oleg LY1DZ gets the second place once again. Lars SE4E finishes in the third place.

In the SO RTTY HP category Nick, EM0I (op UT2IZ), wins after the third position obtained last year, with Matija 9A3VM gets the second place and Vilnis YL2KF finished third. In the SO RTTY LP Pavlo, UX1VT, wins, while Vladislav, UX7QV, confirms the second position and Vesa, OH3P, finishes on the third position.

In the Single-Operator SSB section Mohammed, A41NN, wins, with Fura SK2T (op: SM2MTR) in second place; Eugeniusz SQ9HZM gets the third position. In the Single Operator SSB Low Power category, the first place goes to Theodoros SV1EJD; Jan OH6ECM confirms the second place and and Savvas 9H1AE finishes third;

In the SWL category, Jorge EA0021SWL wins.

In the next page you will found the complete results table and the operator list. At the end of the results tables you will be able to read what the participants wrote in their SOAPBOX: DX QRM!!

Next year rules will be published soon on the ARI website. No rules change is planned for next year.

Let me thank all of you again for another great contest!

Next year edition will be held the 4th and 5th May 2019, please bookmark these dates on the calendar!


Filippo, IZ1LBG
ARI HF Contest Manager

Read the results in PDF...