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PostHeaderIcon ARI International DX Contest 2013

ARI International DX Contest 2013
DX Results


Dear Contesters,

it is a great pleasure to present you the DX Results of the ARI International DX Contest, 2013 edition.

In the following pages you will find the overall results by Contest Categories and then, the same results, by Country and Categories to make it easier to see what your result has been against the rest of the world or within your own country.

This year 's edition will be remembered as a Record!

In fact, we had the great satisfaction of experience a strong increase of participants, especially DX, which has led to the highest number of logs received ever.

The past year has been a year of change, first and foremost, the start time, in addition to some changes in the log header compilation. This year it was to consolidate the new approach which seems to have been very well appreciated. In order to always try to improve the service to the community of contesters participants, we sought and also prepared an alternative way to send in the logs . This intervention was necessary for groped to eliminate, or greatly reduce, the difficulties encountered in the past by many participants, especially in Eastern Europe, in sending the logs to the robot. In fact, this year it was possible to send logs also by a WEB upload, from the web site, which we want to thank, among the WWROF, for their contribution to our great hobby. Successful experiment and decision that, in practice, virtually wiped out the need for manual intervention for receiving log , except for some sporadic and physiological very special case. It's very likely that for the next edition the WEB upload will become the official way of send in the logs. More on this topic will be published later in the Rules update. Record edition, we said: so let's see the numbers.

For this edition, the new rules required the submission of the Log within 5 days after the end of the contest. It is a fairly tight time but after the end of the contest there is not much to do to set up your log for forwarding.

Almost all software is able to produce the log file in a matter of minutes and usually, except for some small correction of typing errors that each of us marks on a piece of paper or, more elegantly, in the embedded notes provided by the same logging software, there is nothing else to do and if you acted with the required accuracy during operations, truly after 10 minutes, the log can be ready to send, so it also avoids the risk of forgetting to send it.

Well, you know that, after only 30 hours by the end of the contest had been received more than 1000 log!

This is also a record and it is a story that makes us very happy, because it means that the path undertaken is the right one and that the community of participants in the ARI contest is following us.

So we want to thank all of you for this, and you well deserve our GRAZIE!

The total numbers are just as great satisfaction: logs received were 1553, with an almost 27% increase compared to last year and that then becomes the new record, breaking up the precedent of 2006. A comparison of the log sent by Italians and foreigners, shows that the answer of the latter has been remarkable, with a jump of over 36% compared to the previous edition. Clearly the publication of last year's results in a reasonable time as well as those of the years 2009 and 2010 have made their mark and gave the real feeling of how the management of the contest had changed.

A note in contrast is the number of logs received by SWL: only 13 compared to 19 last year, and only 3 of them by DX. And to think that our contest is one of the few that offers this possibility in this category. This figure is certainly worth further consideration for the future.

As written in the rules use of Packet-Cluster, Skimmers and other alerting assistance is permitted for all entrants while “self-spotting” is not allowed. The Committee has therefore undertaken to control these situations and found several "potentially" abnormal behaviours. These situations were not penalized just because we could not have the absolute certainty of intent; the time you read these notes many of you have received reports by the Committee, on potential spot indicted and these reports are to be considered as a sort of yellow-card that invites reflection and greater care to make more transparent its operating behaviour.

Having said that, however, we are very pleased with the operating level occurred and we believe that we are reaching a satisfactory level of correct behaviour and compliance with the rules by all participants.

Now let’s have a look at the results.

The Multi-Operator category has been won again by RN3F, who doubled last year victory, even if score is way down respect to 2012, while RC9JWR took a very close second place. In the Single-Operator CW, Alex, UA5C, has set a new World Record which was held by ZC4LI since 2006. This is an opportunity to remember such a great friend of us, who has always participated in the ARI contest and who has recently passed away.

R.I.P. Steve, you’ll be missed on the air. Ruslan, UW5Q, who was last year winner, took second place.

Vitaly, UW5M, won the Single-Operator MIXED mode category and came very close to the world record just set on last year by TA2ZF, while Ionut, YP9W, took second place. Single-Operator SSB winner is Khalid, A61BK with 2 Millions points while Marius, YO3CZW; took second place. Single-Operator RTTY category shows Nick EM0I, (UT2IZ), in the first place like he did last year and many times in the past. Thank you for your continuous presence Nick!. The SWL winner is Oleg, US-E-12. The SWL category has got only 3 participants and this is very discouraging because it is one of the few contests that also have this category!.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants!

At the end of the result’s tables you can also read what the participants wrote in their SOAPBOX: DX QRM!!

That’s all for the 2013.

Now that the 2013 record edition is history it’s worth to remember that the next ARI International DX Contest will be held on May 3/4, 2014.

Rules for next edition will stay the same, while we are currently working on the introduction of the Low Power Class. Rules will be published in due time on the ARI web site.

We are working on opening all the submitted LOGs to the public and they should be available in a short time on the web site, which will also be linked to the ARI web site.

Thank you,

Roberto (Bob) Soro, I2WIJ
A.R.I. HF Contest Manager

Read the results in PDF...

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