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PostHeaderIcon ARI International DX Contest 2014

ARI International DX Contest 2014
DX Results

Dear Contesters,
it is a great pleasure to present you the DX Results of the ARI International DX Contest, 2014 edition.
This has been another record edition! We owe this record to you and you well deserve our GRAZIE!

In this edition there has been the introduction of the LOW Power categories, for Single Operator, and so this year there is plenty of NEW records!

In fact, we had the great satisfaction to see this great participation with great scores, which has led both to the highest number of logs received ever and to new records in almost all categories.

The reception phase of the logs, by uploading via the web site at worked very fine and there were no particular problems; only exception was that, unfortunately, many of the participants, those that use NOT to read the rules, still sent their log to the old robot e-mail address, which was still running for backup purposes only, resulting in extra work to recover and turn to the correct site. We hope that no log has been lost at this juncture. For the next edition the robot will be completely disabled and who would insist to send the logs in that direction will not be able to successfully deliver their log anymore. More than 1000 logs were received in the first 24 hours, after the end of the contest, so the 5 days log deadline is not an obstacle for those who like to compete, while we continued to receive logs after more than three weeks as checklog only.
We received a total of 1675 logs, which is 8% more than last year and a new record. Among those logs 1272 were from DX and 403 where from Italy, which is a big event breaking the 400 barrier!
The 1675 received log are made by 1655 from OM e 20 from SWL, which is a big recovery against the last year 13 only; 11 from Italy and 9 from DX when we had 3 logs only.
We are still very pleased with the operating level occurred also this year and we believe that we have reached a satisfactory level of correct behaviour and compliance with the rules by all participants.
In the following pages you will find the overall results by Contest Categories and then, the same results, by Country and Categories to make it easier to see what your result has been against the rest of the world or within your own country.
Now let’s have a look at the results. The Multi-Operator category has been won by RT7T team, by a very thin amount against UT7E who took a very close second place.

Single Operator categories have been doubled, divided into High and Low Power. In the Single-Operator CW HP, Mark, M0DXR, is the winner with a good score while, 9A5Y, took second place; Ruslan, UW5Q, took first place with a very big score in the Low Power section: good job Ruslan, who already won the SOCW in 2012. Alim, 4K6FO, got a nice second place, just few points ahead of Mike, WP2B, in the third position. It is worth to note that we received 317 logs in this Low Power category.
Yuri, RG9A (ex UA9AM), is the winner in the SO MIX HP category with the new World Record! with half million points ahead of Sergej, UT0U (UT5UDX), who was the previous record holder, set in 2012 as TA2ZF.
In the SO MIX LP, we find Rimas, LY6A, with a great performance and score and the first World Record for the new category; in the second place we find Serge, R7MM, also with a big score, and at the third place Vladimir, RA3Y, also him with more than 2 million points score. Great race guys!
Alex, UR7GO, is the winner of the SO RTTY HP where we find 63 participants, with more than 1000 qso and the NEW World Record of this category, previously held by 7X0RY set in 2006, with Nick, EM0I, in the second place. We have received 169 logs in the Low Power, who has been topped by Nick, UT5EPP, with almost 600 qso and more than 700K points; and not much far behind him, less than 10k points, we find Victor, RA9AU, at the second place.
Igor, RJ4P, is the winner of the SO SSB HP section, with almost 3 million points, which is still far away from the world record set by Tonno ES5TV at 4.5 million mark in 2007. Gennady, EW8QQ, is the runner up with 2 million points in the second place. Yuri, UZ7M, is the fresh new record holder for the SO SSB LP, with more than 2.3 million points that doubled Mohammed, A61ZA, in the second place; we received more than 200 logs in this section.

Stanislav, LZ1G42, is the winner of the SWL Category, which he also won in 2012. This category had 9 participants from 5 countries.
Let me thank all of you for this great participations and while congratulate to the winners and new record holders I hope to meet you next year.
At the end of the result’s tables you can read what the participants wrote in their SOAPBOX: DX QRM!!
That’s all for the 2014.
Now that the 2014 record edition is history it’s worth to remember that the next ARI International DX Contest will be held on May 2/3, 2015.
The rules for next edition will be published in due time on the ARI web site and, as of today, we do not foresee any important changes to them.
We are working on opening all the submitted LOGs to the public and they should be available in a short time on the web site, which will also be linked to the ARI web site.
Thank you for supporting the ARI International DX Contest. See you next year!

Read the results in PDF...

Roberto (Bob) Soro, I2WIJ
A.R.I. HF Contest Manager