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PostHeaderIcon ARI International DX Contest 2016

ARI International DX Contest 2016
DX Results

Dear Contesters,

it is a great pleasure to present you the DX Results of the ARI International DX Contest 2016.

Condition were quite bad this year, probably the worst we have experienced in the last 6/7 years. Also the participation suffered from the bad condition. The log received this year are 1109, far away from last year when log received where 1152 (overall minus 27,5%). DX logs were 854 (minus 29,5%), while the Italian one were 255 (minus 24%).

The SWL log received were 10, 4 from DX stations and 6 from Italy, confirming the negate trend already seen for the other log.

Anyway the contest couldn’t be the same without the participation of the DX station, so thanks to all for participating!

A big thanks goes to the previous contest manager Roberto I2WIJ and Francesco IK0XBX for the help in getting the result ready in a reasonable time.

In the following pages you will find the overall results by Contest Categories and then, the same results, by Country and Categories to make it easier to see what your result has been against the rest of the world or within your own country.

Now let’s have a look at the results.

In the Multi-Operator category ES9C (op: SA2BLV LZ2CWW KB3WWY IZ7YBG ES5HTA ES7GM ES6ME ES5RY ES5JR ES5QA ES2DW) youth team gained the first place, HG7T (op: HA5MY HA5BBC HA7TM) finished on second place and J43TR (op: SV3AQO SV3DCX SV3FUO SV3FUP SV3QUP) on the third.

In the Single-Operator CW HP section, Sergij 5B4AMM, gain the first place, Matija 9A3VM the second one, while another youth operator Tamás HA9T win the third place. In the SO CW LP the first place goes to Algirdas LY3B¸ Kaspars YL1ZF finished second and Chris YO5OHO third.

The Single-Operator Mixed HP category has been won by 9A5Y (op: 9A3DX); the second place went to Victor UW1M and the third place has been won by Victor YL5X (op YL2TB). In the SO MIX LP, Todor LZ1ND won the first place, while Ivan YT2AAA and Zoltan HA5PP finished respectively on second and third place.

In the SO RTTY HP category Atanas, LZ9R, has confirmed the first position obtained last year, with Nikolay, EO25F (op UX0FF), in the second place and Nick, EM0I (op UT2IZ), in the third. In the SO RTTY LP Alexandru, YO9HP, gained the first position, while Nick, UT5EPP, who was third last year, get the second position and Alexandros, SV2BXA, finished on the third place.

Amir, 4X6TT, won the SO SSB HP section, just ahead of Marius YP0C (op YO3CZW), which finished second and Antanas LY3ZM (op LY3UT) third. In the Single Operator SSB Low Power category, the first place goes to Vesselin LZ2HA, while Josè Francisco, EA5HRV, confirmed the second place and Henryk, SP1FPG finished third;

In the SWL category, Richard, DL/OK2-31097 finished in the first place.

In the next page you will found the complete results table and the operator list. At the end of the results tables you will be able to read what the participants wrote in their SOAPBOX: DX QRM!!

Next year rules will be published soon on the ARI website.

Let me thank all of you again for another great contest!

Next year edition will be held the 6th and 7th May 2017, please bookmark these dates on the calendar!


Filippo Vairo, IZ1LBG

A.R.I. HF Contest Manager

Read the results in PDF...